Helen McGlynn, Ph.D.

Helen McGlynn, Ph.D.

Helen McGlynn, Ph. D

For many years I worked with companies and individuals to achieve better work and personal relationships. In problem-solving through different situations, I learned that people have enormous capacities for change — if they have the right combination of focus and support.

We can’t choose the circumstances, but we certainly influence what is around us, and may turn any situation to our advantage with a combination of rational and passionate skills. There are lots of ways to get things done, to achieve goals, to make change happen. But some ways are better than others! Trial and error is tedious. Doing the same thing brings us to the same result.

My work throughout graduate degrees in psychology and counseling has focused on those pieces of “positive” in every person and problem, and growing those areas to address the things that aren’t working. New research and positive psychology direct our rational cognitions and passionate emotions to the service of attaining our goals. When we learn to channel our passions, we begin to achieve our goals and have fun.

I am excited and amazed at the results and insights from the rational and passionate combination. For me, it has been a natural shift. I have grown into using passion as I problem-solve. One way I have learned this is through volunteering, including direct services for the homeless in St. Louis. I have learned inspiration from watching the clients go from homeless to housed and successful. In this past year, I have seen clients:

Real people with busy lives achieved goals in areas that seemed beyond their reach. These are examples of the life-changing paradigm that is possible for you through coaching or counseling.

I am committed personally and professionally to both coaching and counseling because these people collaborations work! I am further committed to discovering your creative approaches and making the process fun! Achievement is fun. Success is fun. And the road to these goals can be as much fun as you can handle!