Helen McGlynn, Ph.D.

Inspired Coaching that brings out the best in you!

What is the success you want?
When do you want it?
How will you get it?

The definition of success belongs to you! We each have a success story that we want to live. And when we live it, we have a higher quality of life. We recognize powerful new options, enjoy long-lasting relationships, and experience clarity about our life direction. Each person owns a success story. Moving away from our success story leaves us feeling empty. Moving to the rhythm of our success story fills us with energy. And, living our success is just plain fun!

Your success story begins with the merger of your ideas and passion, honed through directed effort and learning toward a focused goal. Coaching accelerates achievements in personal and professional areas through the tools of clarity, support, and accountability. The conversational format of coaching boosts creativity and downsizes obstacles. You experience movement and success in the achievement of your well-defined goals.

We all have “success” ideas, and we all get “stuck.” We can’t move from ideas to action. We miss the critical mix necessary to achieve success. We miss inspiration. We lose motivation. And, we don’t find the magic.

I am passionate about getting your story to “real” time… about finding the motivation and inspiration that connect your ideas to action… completion… mission accomplished. Success!

Inspired coaching is about you and the fun you will have accomplishing your mission… your success story.

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